What Our Clients Are Saying...

“ Dr Dunkle has done everything possible to give my Cat Samantha a better quality of life as she had two cancerous tumors and a bladder infection..she Is a caring, knowledgeable vet who really cares about the welfare of your pet. Highly recommend her...I travelled two and a half hours on my first visit and it was well worth it... ”
— B.J. Hyle

“ OUTSTANDING is all I can say. I've been a cat owner for about 8 years & I learned more in the 90 minutes I spent here than all the other vets I ever went to. If you're in the southern New Jersey area & you love your cat like a family member, then you need to take your cat here. They know so much more than the other "cat clinic". All those places were very nice with very nice people who love cats, but they don't have the knowledge that this clinic has. Our cat has suffered with breathing issues for over 3 years. The others offered one pill & that was it. Dr. Dunkle took a coarse on line LAST NIGHT on our cats issues just to get another point of view on the issue before we went in today. The prices are far better than animal hospitals that see all animals, so why go there when Dr. Dunkle is on the cutting edge of a cats well being. We were giving our cats the wrong dry food & the wrong can food & none of the other places even asked us about her diet. Thank you Dr. Dunkle for finally, properly diagnosing our cats breathing issues & getting her on the road to a healthier life. ”
— Jim R.

“ I love that I finally found someone to listen instead of just keep shoving pills at me! The best feeling is seeing my baby (Tony who is 16) feeling better, eating more & wanting to play again after just 1 visit! Thank You Dr. Dunkle, Angel & staff for listening and taking time for us and trying to figure out what's going on & looking for a solution - it means alot to me to have that type of care and kindness! ”
— Sherry M.

“ I can not say enough good things .....this was a find of a lifetime...I was ready to have my cat put down but thanks to Dr Dunkle and the staff....which were excellent ...Mr Dudley is home doing better than i ever expected ”
— JoAnn J.

“ Dr. Dunkle is one of the best vets you can find. Her office staff is fantastic and they have provided nothing but the best care for my cats. ”
— Neena P.

“ Knowledgable and caring. Our cats have been under Dr. Dunkle and her staff's care since 2002. You'll find no better! ”
— Monica P.

“ Best vet out there! Dr. Dunkle provided me with phone consultations, which helped save my kitten from a deadly lung infection. Thank you Dr. Dunkle, you provide the best support, comfort, positiveness, and knowledge out there! You truly are the best person to call when it comes to cats! ”
— Christine S.

“ Dr Dunkle is the best! She has a true passion for feline health. ”
— Melissa N.

“ My husband Tom & I had brought our cats to Dr. D. For many years starting with Cynder, little Tasha, & Jack. Til Jack could no longer tolerate the long car ride from Lawrenceville. She and her staff had a great deal of compassion, care and concern for our guys. Wish we lived closer. ”
— JoAnn K.

“ The best veterinarian and staff you could want for your cats. Always appreciate the genuine care and concern you show. ”
— Bill M.

“ Love Doctor Dunkle and her dedicated staff. Wouldn't think of taking my babies anywhere else. ”
— Marterese Z.

“ My family has been bringing our cats to Dr. Dunkle and Exclusively Cats since we moved to Mount Laurel, NJ in 1994. Our cats have run the gamut from cats who were elderly and very sick to young kittens. Each of our five cats has received individual attention. We like that cats are Dr. Dunkle’s only focus. Although traveling to a veterinarian is a stressful experience, the fact that only cats are her only focus helps keep the stress level down!

Dr. Dunkle listens to her clients ands recommends appropriate care based on how willing and capable the owners are with caring for their cats. We have had had serious cat health issues and Dr. Dunkle and her staff have been willing to teach us how to take care of each cat’s medical needs. Dr. Dunkle is very careful about the staff that interacts with the cats and each person who has worked for her has been extremely caring and knowledgeable. Since we have a cat who is diabetic we board our cat when we go on vacation. I know that he receives better care at Exclusively Cats than he does at home! Who could ask for more! ”
— Kris V.

“ About three years ago we visited Exclusively Cats on the advice of a friend who had recommended the practice. Our cat, Edmund Gray, seemed mysteriously ill and his previous vet told us he likely had cancer and needed hospitalization and expensive scans. We sought a second opinion with Dr. Dunkle. She recommended a slower approach to identifying his illness and helping his symptoms. As it turned out, he did not have cancer, but a treatable chronic illness. Since that time, and through other illnesses that have come up (Edmund Gray is now 17 years old), Dr. Dunkle has always calmly and patiently cared for our cat and for us. She stays abreast of the newest medical advances for senior care (especially important to us), checks on EG regularly, and is extremely generous with her time (in office visits, on the phone and in answering email). The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and they treat your pet as if he or she is the most important patient they have.

See you soon! ”
— Lynne V.

“ Dr. Dunkle is amazing, and here is just one reason why. About twelve years ago, my cat Woody was diagnosed with cancer. The veterinarians at the University of Pennsylvania Animal Hospital estimated that he’d likely have about six months to live. Dr. Dunkle couldn’t make me any promises otherwise, of course, but she carefully studied the research on treatment options, then devised a medical regimen that gave him three more years of high-quality life. Our cats and I make more than a half-hour one-way drive to see her. She is worth every mile and then some.

She’s a wonderful veterinarian and an exceptional diagnostician who has a terrific rapport with both cats and their owners. ”
— Margaret M.

“ Having been a cat owner/lover for over 40 years and living in various locations, I am well acquainted with many veterinarians. When we moved to New Jersey, we had three different vets before finding Exclusively Cats.

The preventative and over-all care, dietary recommendations, knowledgeable staff, and clean environment was very welcomed.

Nancy Dunkle DVM has a love of the feline species that I have never witnessed with any other. My cats are held to her chest as inoculations, without so much as a whimper, are administered. Rosco, Scooter, and Wiggins give their approval. ”
— Cynthia B.

“ I have been bringing my babies to Dr. Dunkle for over twelve years, and I couldn’t be happier. She compassionately nursed my former cat through a slow decline, and was more supportive than words can describe when Chessie’s time finally came. She keeps my current fuzzball in excellent health, and I never worry when I board my baby with her for vacations. The staff is so friendly and approachable - they even humor my “missing my baby - is she okay?” phone calls from where ever I am. I recommend Dr. Dunkle and her staff very highly and without reservation for anyone who is looking for superb care from a cat-obsessed family. (Why the word family? Because that’s what you become when you bring your baby to Exclusively Cats!) ”
Thanks — Gailen M. (Sweetie’s mom)

“ We have taken our cats to Dr. Nancy Dunkle for a very long time and they have always received excellent care. With our first cat, a sweet Himalayan named Artie, we had been to multiple veterinarians and even the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine to try to get a diagnosis for his symptoms. Dr. Dunkle knew right away what to do, and we had him with us for longer than expected. She and her staff are always accessible and truly care about the cats entrusted to them. We are so glad to have found such a wonderful practice. ”
— Wanda R.

“ My wife and I have been cat owners for over 30 years, our feline population has been varied (up to 9) and we have had experience with many veterinarians both in private practice and at Penn. Our experience with them has ranged from very good to dismal.

Nancy Dunkle has been taking care of our cats exclusively for over 20 years. Her knowledge, professionalism and level of concern for our herd is unsurpassed. On our scale, she rates an excellent. She never hesitates to spend the time and effort to care for her patients and their human companions not only treating but explaining her diagnosis and treatment plan. Her office supports her efforts and provides thorough and personalized attention to our and our cat’s needs.

As testimony to her efforts my wife has commented to me on numerous occasions I wish Dr. Dunkle could be my doctor!
— John M.

“ It’s great to have a veterinarian who cares deeply about her patients, and Dr. Dunkle is just that, but she is a lot more besides. Over a period of a decade, she treated three of our cats as they aged, each with complicated diseases. In each case, Dr. Dunkle found the means to prolong their lives, always responding effectively to their needs and their comfort. Our current cats are still young enough to be healthy, but because they have been consistently in Dr. Dunkle’s care, I am confident they will receive the best care available as they age. They couldn’t have a better doctor. ”
— Howard G.

“ Dr. Dunkle understands my cats and treats them with compassion and respect whether they are meowing or growling. I love my cats and want them to always be happy and healthy and when they are sick I need to know that they are in the best of care. ”
— Virginia K.

“ I cannot recommend Exclusively Cats Hospital in Medford, NJ, highly enough. Dr. Dunkle and her staff continue to impress me with their professionalism and caring. I am convinced that these wonderful folks extended the lives of two of my beloved elderly cats by at least two years. Another cat, who contracted cancer, was cared for with great compassion and skill as the folks at Exclusively Cats supported her and our family during her illness and final days.

Dr. Dunkle is obviously abreast of the current developments in veterinary medicine. She attends several conferences each year and often mentions recent concepts which she has learned about that she thinks might be of interest to me. She holds her staff to high standards, which they fulfill. The facility is beautifully kept and there is a nice selection of toys and food, if one is looking for a cat-related present.

I am looking forward to many happy years with my latest spunky kitty, under the care of Dr. Dunkle and the team at Exclusively Cats. ”
— Carol R.

“ I've been bringing my cat here since November 2008 when she was 6 months old. She comes once a year for her annual exam and to keep current on her vaccinations. I like the fact that I see the same vet - Dr. Dunkel - every visit. Dr. Dunkel has an easy conversational style with me while examining my cat - I leave understanding what's going on. Staff will call you after every visit - whether routine or for hospitalization - to check on how your cat is doing. Basically, whatever I can expect from my primary care physician, they provide for my cat. Good staff.”
— Patricia H.

“ We have been with Dr. Dunkle for many, many years (even before she had her own practice). She has been the most caring vet all of these years. Her wonderful Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital is so welcoming, professional & clean. I was there today with my kitty and received the same treatment as always-PURRFECT!!! The whole staff is so kind. One of her staff, Bree, even helped me carry Lily out to my car. Do not hesitate to visit this loving place.”
— Louise B.

“ Just the best. Friendly, knowledgable, caring. Just wonderful.”
— Angie K.

I had heard many good things from friends about Dr. Dunkle so I decided to take my new cat there since I live close by. My first impression was how clean and well kept the facility was both inside and out. The staff was very friendly and welcoming and Dr. Dunkle was great! They give you an extended amount of time on your initial visit discussing the care options (vaccines, food, spay/ neuter, etc.) and answering all questions you may have. I have been back twice for follow-up visits for vaccines and the experience was just as consistent on each trip. I will definitely be taking my cat there in the future and will also join with the many others that recommend this hospital.”
— Virginia B.

“ When I moved to the area 10 years ago, Exclusively Cats was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. I have been bringing my cats to them ever since! I like the fact that the practice is solely for cats. I feel like Dr. Dunkle and her staff really understand cats and their owners. Even though I am an "experienced" cat person, I always come away from my visits with new insights and knowledge on how to best care for my pet. The care my cats have received has been top notch, everything from annual well visits to outpatient treatments to more serious concerns. No matter what the situation, I have always felt my cat has had the time and undivided attention of Dr. Dunkle and the team. Concerns and options have always been thoroughly explained and thought out. I highly recommend this service for any cat!”
— Pamela C.

“ My wife and I are great fans of Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital. When we moved to NJ about seven years ago with our beloved pet (who was ten years old at the time) we started care with another vet office. Within the first six months he developed serious symptoms and our first vet offered nothing but a dire prognosis. We immediately sought out a second opinion and doing so saved the life of our cat. Dr. Dunkle brought extraordinary diagnostic skill and wisdom to bear on his case and through careful treatment and monitoring brought him back to us hale and healthy. And she helped keep him that way well into his 17th year--and through some of the ailments elderly cats are subject to, such as diabetes.
Dr. Dunkle and her staff were unfailingly kind and caring, sensitive and solicitous. They trained us on the protocols for tending to a diabetic senior cat; the office checked in with us after all our office visits and phoned at various moments to check in on the cat--and on us--to be sure we were all faring well and to answer any questions we might have had. There wasn't a single moment in our seven years with Exclusively Cats when we did not feel supported, calmed, confident and enlightened. We have worked with vets in several states across the country and have never enjoyed such personal warmth from the entire staff as we did with Exclusively Cats--from the front office to the vet techs (especially Bree and Angel), to Dr. Dunkle's expertise as a clinician. We have several friends who have also shared the same experiences with Exclusively Cats over the years. If you are looking for a top-flight feline veterinary expert, look no further. Exclusively Cats is (in my decades of experience as a pet-owner/lover) literally as good as it gets.
— Howard M.

“ One of my cats had a troubling chronic complaint for the last several months, which Dr. Dunkle treated with skill and compassion, bringing him back to his lively and mischievous self. Earlier, she provided one of my cats who had cancer with an individualized medical regimen that allowed him to enjoy several more years of high-quality life. (The specialists at Penn had given him about six months.) She not only cares for our cats, but she is also responsive to our anxieties and questions. She calls promptly with test results and really listens to our concerns. She is a great veterinarian and I recommend her highly.”
— Margaret M.

“ Dr. Dunkle is a great vet and her staff are always very helpful. I have taken 3 different cats there over the course of three years and I have always been met with a helpful, caring staff who give me the time and attention I need and to answer all my questions. A variety of topics come up, and I tend to ask a lot of questions from making decisions about a very ill cat, to how to welcome a new kitten into our home with an already two year old cat present. Currently I received great advice and care in regards to a behavioral issue that is present. In addition the exams are thorough and Dr. Dunkle's advice is clear and I appreciate the time she takes to give me her reasoning behind the tests or advice she is giving. It is obvious Dr. Dunkle and her staff are very concerned and caring. They are kind and generous to myself, my family, and our animals. ”
— Brandy J.

“ Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital is a great place to take your cat. It's a very feline-friendly environment, and the staff is wonderful!! :)”
— Linda J.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“ Her office supports her efforts and provides thorough and personalized attention to our and our cat’s needs. As testimony to her efforts my wife has commented to me on numerous occasions I wish Dr. Dunkle could be my doctor!— John M.

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