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Great toys and products are so much fun to give to the special cats in our lives. Toys add joy to your kitty’s day, but did you know that play is also health promoting? This is especially true for indoor cats. Playtime activity counters obesity and addresses many behavioral issues, often providing important stimulation and a great outlet for energy.

All of our toys are “cat-tested” and do not go up for sale unless they get the feline blessing from Rose, our Hospital Cat. There is not a single toy sold at Exclusively Cats that Rose and our staff members’ cats have not tried out and approved! Finally, all of our toys are safe for your feline friend and are always sourced from reliable manufacturers.

Need more reasons to treat your cat to a new toy?

The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Veterinary Medicine provides us with many reasons to play with our cats:

  • To develop a bond with your cat
  • To increase the quality of life for your cat
  • To help improve behavior and health, reduce the incidence of obesity, and prevent future problems
  • To make your cat active during the day so that he or she will be less likely to disturb your sleep in the night
  • To help your cat vent excess energy, which should decrease the “wild frenzies” during inappropriate times
  • To teach your cat to play in a controlled manner and decrease the likeliness that he or she will “play bite” or attack you or others

Read other play-related information from OSU on ways to increase your indoor cat’s activity.

For your convenience, we also stock essential cat care aids and behavioral tools.

  • Feliway (to decrease fighting, house soiling, and overall stress)
  • Urine odor neutralizers
  • Nail trimmers
  • Veterinary prescription and other cat foods
  • Laxatone
  • Sticky paws and select scratching posts (to help teach appropriate claw sharpening)

We also sell unique cat-themed gifts for the other cat lovers in your circle.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“ The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and they treat your pet as if he or she is the most important patient they have. ”— Lynne V.

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