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Cats and Catnip

Have you ever wondered why cats will do ANYTHING for catnip? It's because the essential oil in the catnip leaves and flowers contains a substance called nepetalactone that binds to the "smelling" receptors in your cat's nose and upper lip. (Yes, cat's have an extra way to smell things!). When this happens, the cat feels a sense of euphoria or supreme happiness! For some cats that is EXTREME playfulness .. .For others it may be to just sit near or on the catnip and be VERY h...appy! .... And others may become "deeply fond" of the catnip, rubbing and rolling with it. But whatever your cat's reaction is to catnip, it is a "happy" one! Catnip is safe for your cat to smell (or eat!); It is not "habit forming" in terms of having a "down" effect when off it; And, in fact, behaviorists recommend its use to relieve your cat's stress on a short term basis. (e.g., - During car rides in the carrier, to help your cat cope with a change in your schedule or your going on vacation, having guests invade your cat's home, etc.) There's NEVER a reason to not let your cat enjoy catnip!

But, you say "My cat doesn't like catnip!" ... Well, you may be right since about 20% of all cats are not affected by catnip, but instead love the smell of honeysuckle. However, it could be that your cat's catnip toys don't have a sufficient concentration of catnip in them, the catnip isn't fresh, or it wasn't dried and processed correctly before being put in your cat's toy.

Dr Dunkle has spent years researching catnips and, with the aid of her "professional feline catnip testing staff", has determined which catnip brands are the best. Drop by Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital some time to buy your cat a REALLY good catnip toy or a pouch of nice strong catnip for you to make your cat a toy. We also carry honey suckle cat toys for those cats who may not like catnip. (These toys are popular even with the cats who love catnip!) So, drop by! Let's make you cat "happy"! :-)

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“ Nancy Dunkle DVM has a love of the feline species that I have never witnessed with any other. My cats are held to her chest as inoculations, without so much as a whimper, are administered. ”— Cynthia B.

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