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FELINE COGNITIVE DYSFUNCTION....Some people call it "senility in cats" .... Scientists have likened it to Alzheimer's Disease in humans .... But no matter what you call it, it can drive loving cat parents crazy with the night time yowling, "missing" the litter box, pacing or heightened agitation, and/or frequent "non-recognition" of another animal (or a human) in the home. Most cats develop some or all of these symptoms sometime between 15 and 20 years of age. It can be caused or aggravated by definite, treatable health issues or it may "just happen" for currently unknown reasons. The important thing to remember, though, is that you don't have to just let it advance .... You can contact your veterinarian to find out if it is caused by a treatable health issue and, if not, what measures you can do to relieve some symptoms and slow the progression of other symptoms.

Cognitive Dysfunction or "Senility" in cats is an ailment that we commonly see here at Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital. If you think that your cat is suffering from this, or you just want to know what you can do to try to prevent this from happening "down the road" in your young cat, bring your cat in to be checked by our doctor.  She'll be glad to discuss with you your options based on the symptoms that YOUR cat is showing at that time.

Life with an older cat should be a joyful time, filled with memories of your years spent together!  Don't let "senile" behaviors hinder that time .... Give us a call!  We'll be most glad to help you and your cat!

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“ Nancy Dunkle DVM has a love of the feline species that I have never witnessed with any other. My cats are held to her chest as inoculations, without so much as a whimper, are administered. ”— Cynthia B.

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