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If you're adopting a kitten soon don't forget to bring her in right away for a “New Kitten Exam”!  It is important that your kitten be examined by a veterinarian within days of adoption in order to treat any ailments that you may have “adopted” with your kitten and to set up an “individualized for your kitten” vaccination and worming program.  You will also learn about how to control destructive play, what the proper diet is to get your kitten off to a good start, and how to introduce your new kitten to other pets and children.  In fact any question that you can think of about your new kitten, Dr Dunkle will be most happy to take time to answer!  So, as you prepare to pick up your kitten give Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital a call so that together we start your kitten on a life that is healthy, fun, and will potentially give you decades of love!

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“ It’s great to have a veterinarian who cares deeply about her patients, and Dr. Dunkle is just that. ”— Howard G.

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