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Cats get heat stroke same as us, but, unlike us, they often don't show the symptoms until it is too late! Early signs of heat stroke include nausea and diziness, but the typical cat is too "cool" to to get up and stumble, so they just sit where they are staring blankly as their body heat rises and they drift deeper and deeper into heat stroke.  (Which looks to most of us like a cat "just hanging out" on the porch or patio!)  Later stages of heat stroke include unconsciousness and eventually coma and death.  So that cat stretched out sleeping in the sun MAY be just sleeping OR in 85+ degree weather he MAY be in the later stages of heat stroke and aiming toward death.

IF you find that your cat is showing any of these signs (especially if she is acting "out of it" and/or seems "very warm" to the touch) bring your cat inside (or away from the window where she was sleeping) and put her in a cool room. If she bounces back immediately feed her some canned food (or encourage her to drink water or a broth if she normally refuses to eat canned food). BUT if your cat isn't "bright" and responding normally to you, including eating, walking, etc within minutes of bringing her into a cool environment, gently wrap your cat in a COOL (not cold) damp towel and take her IMMEDIATELY to Exclusively Cats or to your local veterinary emergency hospital!

But better yet!  During the heat of the day, keep yur cat indoors and out of hot sun porches so that you don't risk your cat developing sun stroke!   Or in other words ..... Keep your "cool" cat cool and safe this summer!!! 

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“ Nancy Dunkle DVM has a love of the feline species that I have never witnessed with any other. My cats are held to her chest as inoculations, without so much as a whimper, are administered. ”— Cynthia B.

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