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Did you know that a recent survey of animal shelters found that cats brought in NOT microchipped have a less than 4% chance of being returned to their owner, but a  cat that HAS been microchipped and then ends up at a shelter has almost a 100% chance of being returned home? 

Microchipping is safe, easy (can be done at an office call), and is inexpensive. And, in most cases, your cat only needs to be microchipped once in his life!  The "chip" is so small (less than the size of a piece of rice) that you and your cat will never know that it's there!  But if your cat escapes when delivery people or guests drop by, or during a house fire or natural disaster, or while you're travelling with your cat, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that if your cat ends up at a shelter or a veterinarian's office, the chip will be scanned, the microchip company will be called to give your cat's "number", and the microchip company will call you.  (None of your information is on the chip ... just your cat's chip number.)  It's something that hopefully you and your cat will never need to use, but if your cat does get separated from you, the benefits of microchipping are priceless!!!

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“ Dr. Dunkle understands my cats and treats them with compassion and respect whether they are meowing or growling. ”— Virginia K.

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